Poetry, Passion, Potential


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Poetry is not just rhyming
It's about the timing
I write when Im happy, lonely and sad
& when things are crazy and bad
It reflects of my different personalities & moods
It also releases those unsettled feuds between my brain & my heart
Plus there is no specific criteria to finish or start

It's about taking those inner thoughts
Translating them to words
Injecting them with passion
& showing it the potential on paper

Every detail has a meaning
Sometimes Id use commas, periods and bold letters
Sometimes I want to rhyme a little then go off on a rant
Sometimes poetry is your own interpretation

It doesn't have to make since to anyone else
The author knows the hidden secrets lingering in the message
But poetry is so amazing because it leaves room for others to create a message of there own

Poetry makes this quiet girl scream
Poetry is very loud,bold, and isn't as sweet as it can seem
Poetry is an art form that will never die
Poetry is why I write
Poetry is simply my passion that brings out my potential to change the world.


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