Poetry Is My Therapy

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 00:35 -- wma321


I used to be sad.

I used to feel depressed.

I used to think that my life was so much worse than the rest.

OCD and anxiety had control of me.

The frustration was overwhelming,

it was taking over my body.

Feeling like an outcast,

I did not know what to do.

I wanted to be honest,

but I was too afraid of judgment to speak the truth.

Then one day in English class,

I learned something new.

Poetry is not just something to be studied for tests.

Poetry can be a great tool.

Grabbing a pencil and paper,

I decided to open up.

This free therapy helped me.

It helped me a lot.

After being honest with myself,

I was able to be honest with others.

And to my surprise, I learned that I was not alone.

Today I am no longer anxious.

I am a social butterfly,

and I am one of the happiest people that I know.

To me, poetry is healing.

Poetry is my therapy.


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