Poetry in its simplest form


Poetry is nothing more than your heart organized in words and phrases that can be said over and over again and maintained to keep shape;

its rhythm you see is made from a beat,

a beating heart so no words are truer than those words said from ones soul that speaks understanding while enlightening the wise

poetry is deep not like the sea but deep as in meaningful because it touches you not like the sun but like a mothers care or a broken heart

Its like a broken heart to be exact because you know your heart is broken when you notice the pain there

poetry is only poetry when you choose to believe it

I feel like it’s  the power behind the words that gives words strength brings words to life

Think to yourself you weren't living until your name was said the first time

Coming out that womb gave you life


that heartbeat made everyone aware you was someone

but that name,

my name being whispered Jeremy made me somebody

poetry is another being in me that I'm trying to understand

I know one thing though poetry got a voice and a voice always need an ear are you willing to lend yours?

If you notice no periods or sentences that’s because these are my thoughts nothing broken but one flowing piece that's Poetry.



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