Poetry Defines Me


Poetry, defines me,
Literary work in which special intensity,
Is given to the expression of feelings and ideaology,
Who knew the Poets Me,
Poetry, defines me,
A way to see clearly,
Past the shadows of doubts and find the real me,
Bleeding out through this black ink,
That might as well be crimson red,
Im bleeding trying to find a missing link,
Or is it all just in my head,
I was born with music in my heart,
And poetry in my soul,
I want to pursue it further but dont know where to start,
Or where to go,
But as long as I have Poetry,
Ill forever let my feelings show,
Wisdom is knowledge,
And Knowledge is Power,
I agknowledge this every waking hour,
Striving to be free like the petals from a flower,
Floating in the wind,
Every waking Hour,
This is why I write,
To feel the real power,
Of being free.
Free to write as I please,
Free to write what will ease,
The pain inside, thats got me broken on my knees,
Alone in this world but at least,
I know ill always have poetry,
Beside me,
Keeping me free.


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