Poetry is dead, he said

Poetry is dead, he said,

As he woke up with the sun.

As his breath came out in gentle puffs

And a silent song was sung.


Yes, poetry is dead, he said,

As he caught his train at five.

As strangers all around him sat,

Just breathing, not alive.


Poetry is dead, she said,

As a tune played in her mind.

As she tapped her pencil on her desk,

As a way to just unwind.


Yes, poetry is dead, she said,

As she glanced at him and smiled.

And the way that he looked back at her

Just nearly drove her wild.


Poetry is dead, they said,

As their country fell apart.

As they passed by talent, love, and tears,

In tyranny and art.


Yes, poetry is dead, they said,

As they cried for what is right

And forgot how raindrops, long ago,

Put them to sleep at night.


Poetry is dead, I said,

Not something for our day.

And there are more important things

Than what I have to say.


But isn’t life a bit too short?

Aren’t stars a bit too bright?

Aren’t poets meant to talk about

The way things look at night?


So maybe things are loud these days.

But take a look around,

And maybe you’ll hear poetry

Make a little bit of sound.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


The Smallest Spark

Stunning piece! Bits of this took my breath away... such truth! I love it!


Reading through all these poems and finding connections is amazing. I write about my thoughts as well in my submission

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