Poetry is...


Poetry is hope

It means you don’t have to be alone

Even when you are


It’s the light breaking through

Darkness swirling, spreading, growing


Poetry is beauty

When all that touches you is filth and rot

And for once you almost feel it

Even though you don’t


It’s the strength that steels your spine

Though it should be bending, breaking, collapsing


Poetry is passion

Sparking dormant embers to flame

Burning into and throughout your sodden spirits


It’s the courage that makes you brave another day

While they watch expecting you to cower, whimper, scream


Poetry is love

Peeling through your layers of hate

Exposing the trembling nakedness beneath


It’s whispered kindness on a breeze

Even when the tender air is still


Poetry is faith

It means that in the midst of cruelty

You can still believe

It will not be all you ever know


It’s the safety in your heart

Knowing that somewhere someone is smiling, laughing, dreaming


Even when you are not.


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