Poetic Love

Mon, 07/01/2013 - 22:49 -- EMH-IFW


My pen to paper is beautiful

As lines turn to curves, and brings beautiful life

To simple words

For me they tell a myriad of stories

From troubling circumstance

To some of glory


I write to keep my faith

In a world where it seems at times


Come crumbling down

My words turn to images

To keep me going insane 

And bring the anxieties from the highwire down.


I write to advocate

For those who love who they want to love

To fight against ignorant complexes

That has society has placed upon us

Masculinity, feminitiy, gay, straight, who's to judge?

I believe that we must realize we are all the same

When we are cut open we all bleed the crimson blood


I write to notify

Because someone needs a lesson somewhere

Whilst the morals of stories 

Are best told in stanza

And free verse pose


I write to escape

The confines of my own body

And fly the world even as I sit in my chair

With pen in hand

I take a grand stand

I pay attention to description and quality


I write to lament

In times where hardship is present

And when tears are not enough

I bring myself to cry the ink from my pen

Onto any paper around me

I call to God 

And ask him to console me


In finality, I write because of love

Not with a person or entity

But the art itself

Because while I might not seek fame

The likes of Emily, Oscar, Ntozake, and Maya

Bring me so much beauty

Even in their statements of woe

For they inspire me greatly

Their groundwork still shines


I write... because 

Poetically... I'm still in love


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