Poetic Heaven

My words are a journey in itself,
An adventure which defines my identity,
Most likely as an individual;
From a 'seed' to a 'root' stemming a lineage of an ancient wealth,
Discovering the existence to my own individuality,
So that I may have the privilege to embark on my own journey for that title,

My dreams are a tidal that echoes upon the shore,
Its mighty roar symbolises the personification of a mountain,
Shaking due to the sudden urge to achieve a greatness which appears as an act of nature,
As if it were an earthquake that stirred a future of unlimited possibilities within my core,
Although my identity may seem obscure it nonetheless remains inevitable that I have the heart of a lion.
For my words to me is but a rare poetic heaven and a journey in itself that defines my immense stature.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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