Poetic Expression

Poetry is the air that brings me life

A newly made poem is the light of the day

Creating a poem takes away my strife

Through poetry, power is in every word I say

Words said in poetry bloom like the flowers of May

No enlightenment can come about without poetic expression

With every poem made my soul rejoices and says hip hip hurray

So see here my dear my confession

I feel for poetry like the love a man feels for his wife

Poetic expression is like the magic of fay

The written word holds the power of a knife  

Creating a poem is like how the artist molds his clay

Making poetry is like my soul is at play

Through my poetry is shown my compassion

With my written word expression I will always find my way

So see here my dear my confession

I express emotion on a page like a musician creates it with the notes of his fife

Each written prose as sweet as delicious parfait

Poetic inspiration is widespread and rife

Each word a different expression like the movements of ballet

There is no emotion poetry cannot convey 

Neither is there tone nor sound poetic words can be music of strings or percussion

In poetry, there is no cliché

So see here my dear my confession

A poet feels for their poetry like a florist for her prized bouquet

I savor my poetic words like a sweet culinary confection  

Every word that escapes my lips is thinly veiled emotion like the movement of a woman’s curvaceous hips in negligee

So see here my dear my confession


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