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  Real smooth, aren't I?

At least that's what my friends say.

I'll attempt my best staying on topic


Poetry is a second language

It's a way of communicating meaning.

Everything happens for a reason,

so we need to portray our representational wordings.

Small words can have meanings

for the bigger picture being painted.

As I speak throughout beautiful literacy,

I reach out to everyone who needs purpose.

Purpose is just an aspect of inspiration.

As humans, we strive for our purpose in life.

Poetry not only inpires people,

but it encourages them to do something.

Poetry is more difficult to comprehend than our language.
Don't get me wrong, not everyone loves poetry,
but they are the ones who lack natural intelligence.
We as people, connect in different forms
Poetry gives me a way out,
a way to express myself in a positive way.
I use poetry to share my inner most secrets,
what better way to speak rather than to use inspiring wording to do so?
Poetry is unheard beauty.
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