Poems, A World of It's Own

Poetry is to dance by using ones words, its artistic, beautiful, and powerful. It can encompass an entire world onto one page, the feelings and thoughts of millions into as little as 20 words. Being a poet you are an artist, a god with the incredible power to create worlds, ideas, and concept. You have the power to influence nations and change societies with just your words. In the common definition I am not a poet, I do not spend my time writing poetry, but truthfully that does not mean I am not a poet in the purest sense, for anything I could say can be considered poetry. What I say could very well have the same power as what a "Poet" could say or write. So I never decided to become a poet, we all just are poets. To add to that, poetry enter my life the day I heard my parents say something as simple as "Good job" or "Have fun", these couple of words would influence many things that I would do and how I would look at certain things as poetry can do; when I would do something I would think about hearing that good job and it would drive me to do it better or when doing something I would think to have fun because thats whats important to keep in mind, to have fun. Poems can be so small and yet be larger than life and contain unimaginable power within them. Poems can be confined to just one page or one line, but at the same time are infinite.

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