Poems Cause Stress

Poems are stressful

Wouldn't you agree with me?

Haikus are the worst


String together a bunch

Now the stress is multiplied

I'm so stressed right now


Students get so stressed

when asked to write poetry

parents say "chill out"


Sorry, that's no help

It does not just go away

Poof! I wish it did


I'm amazed I'm writing

It's unbelievable right?

That's what i think, too


Mom can I stop now?

What do you mean this is bad?

Great, more stress added


Why can't I stop now?

I've written 6 haikus so far

But I need more, darn


I thought I'd be done

Nope! Guess again.Still going.

Running out of words


I guess I should stop

Fortunately, I'm finished

That was so stressful




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