A poem; what is it? 

what is a poem? Can you define? I can't seem to find a line or verse that tells me what poems are made up of.

 A poem is so vast and deep much like the sea, infinite in shape... why, it's a mystery to me.

You  can't touch it but yet you can feel it.

Resonating in harmony.. with the soul.

I find a poem to be much like the universe, again infinite, impossible to touch, but vast coming so close to the heart and is just out of  grasp.

Not governed  by any rules as it roams free and all those who want to listen take a bottomless peek.

It can be recreated, restated, manifested over again but no one can quite define it for what really it is.

Everyone has their own definition making the truth harder to find.

But a poem is a poem and that's just that, nothing can define it so that's a wrap. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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