poem on the train: playing a game with drummer friend!

love is real. 

how do you feel?

I think that we are crazy!

Yes, you are amazing.

That is a truth!

How much truth can prevail?

Show me, you beautiful exhibition.


Aren't you lonely?

Sometimes lucid dreaming creates crazy scenarios that

invlove ghouls, bears, and chairs.


Watermelow tastes

better when kissing!


Reebok makes electric shoes.

Flying through sound waves.

Water falls into large

trees made to drink.

Ride upside down:

Spin vigorously allowing blood explosions that

increase many awakenings.

What civilization uses monkeys as pets?

The crystal in retrograde motion coexists in

our lives 

rainbows make funny noises

when kissing dinosaurs

Though we are shy, that

creates a tension that

eases many fears of love.


7/4/2014 a writing game on the train with Graham Doby

Want to play?

Write down one word each to make complete sentences and see what you and friend come up with! have fun!


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