A Poem for My Struggling Friend. (What's a Family?)

So what's a family? Is the representation of it exaggerated on T.v.? I thought family was supposed have each other backs, but then why do I not feel your hands up against my back? 

Why do we call each other derogatory names? Not only does it hurt, but it is also lame. ''Words don't hurt me!'' What a BIG damn lie. It's hard to hide physical scars, but the emotional ones keep festering in my heart. 

We are a family? Right? But then why are we torn apart? Who can I turn to when this world drives me into a corner? Can I come to you? Or am I considered a goner? 

You tell me? We share the same blood in our veins. I guess that's why your insults bring way more pain! I am not about to cry, it's just about to rain, I can't seem to fathom this in my brain. We've been together since day one, but you're the one shooting the bullets behind that gun! You're the one pushing me down the steps and when I try to get up it's your foot on my back.

So, where's the love, fam?

This poem is about: 
My community


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