A poem to heaven

Real friends you hold close will never go away,
And just the other day i prayed that you stay,
I Prayed that i never see this day and even though your gone away,
I know your spirit wont fade away,
Bottled up inside is the hurt i cant explain,
So guide me grandma to do the right thing,
The anger inside is in vain,
I knew you were tierd especially your last day,
No more pain im tierd god take me away,
I can watch you all, im just a pprayer away,
so weep not my baby , im in a greater place,
You know the place with the white fancy gates,
Yea thats right think positive,
Wipe your tears away,
Im an angel now, ill never go away
Just forget about the last day when you saw my face,
Be gental, be kind and don't tell a thing, i love you granny forever more
And if you see my other friends that pasted along the way ,
tell them i miss them and wish i can see them this day.


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