SOME inspiration of the virtual Lovers

comes from the distant inner worlds

brings you a shaft light of the heart

angelic soul that illuminates your insight


YOU know that nothing seems impossible

because your right time still comes

in shimmering red light and

ruby compassionate delight


WITH the amazing peaceful view

on the world that comes to you

light your way with the kindness

and a sweet tight dose of madness


SOME trial of moments will comes

remember that you are still able to feel

warm Californian breeze on your face

and soft Oakland raindrops on your lips


YOUR forgiveness reaching fulfillment

because you have fought all the fights

I seek you for guidance and comfort

when you talk about your feelings


ALL your confusions will pass the fear

the purifying stuff you want to clear

and freaky things that need to be said

be thankful when the right time arrives


MINDFUL desires, wishes, and wings of fire

are out of this world and still happens

keep in your mind today is your day

the most romantic holiday of the year


  March 2, 2019


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