A Poem on Benjamin Franklin



Ben Franklin

As he is known to the world,

Is brilliant,



Americans used to know him that way too,

But not anymore.


Ben Franklin,

As he is known to Americans,

Is money,



He’s changed by greed,

By the American Dream.

Whatever that is.

Ben Franklin is incentive.

He works in funny ways.

You can choose how you get him.

Some cheat, some bet, some steal,

Few really work.

Few achieve.

Fewer achieve like Ben Franklin achieved,

For Benjamins or otherwise.


Ben Franklin is used

As a symbol, as a means, as a reason,

He’s sought, he’s found, he’s lost too soon.

A fool and his Ben Franklins are soon parted.

A Ben Franklin saved is a Ben Franklin earned.

Ben Franklin makes the world go ‘round.

Ben Franklin is the true evil of men.


Everyone wants Ben Franklin.

Everyone craves Ben Franklin.

Everyone needs Ben Franklin.


But Ben Franklin has been dead for decades.


This poem is about: 
My country


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