poem about you

i want to write a poem about you

but its nearly midnight and im so tired i can feel the bags under my eyes building every single time i blink


i want to write a poem about you

but i dont have the time or patience to think of a theme as i know that would take all of my concrentration for that alone


i want to write a poem about you

and i have all of these excuses not to

but im still awake and i have so many things on my mind that i might as well just write


so picture this

a cloudy afternoon alone, after spending half of the day busy with things that dont matter anymore as they have already happened and gone, a warm glow hovers throughout the room as you begin to blast songs that make us laugh, my arms wrap around your neck, and i cant stop laughing because my jokes are just so hilarious.

and im just as tired then as i am now,

but i cant help but stall from having that nap you keep suggesting i take because all i want to do is feel that bright yellow light that you bring when you tickle me and make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

and everything, everything, is bright yellow and orange and pink and blue.

so many beautiful, soft, happy colors

its like nothing ive ever seen.


now heres the difference between your light and others, the thing that makes it so the happiness you give me lingers while everyone elses leaves before my eyes, your light is a constant glow while others dont appear to have that effect.

the only light they give me is a solid green or blue or red or purple.

its bland and its boring even though its still color.

yours, no matter what color it is, is constantly glowing as if they were all sunkissed rays that could only be found in the brightest star that never seems to burn out.

its the type of glow that gives me the warmth i never thought id find.

but it never burns me, in fact, your light holds the softest sensation that can only be explained as touching the clouds.

its inviting and hopeful and comforting.

ive never, ever, discovered anything as beautiful as your light.


i used to think that touching the clouds was impossible, but ive come to learn that i can accomplish that by merely seeing you smile.


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