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Fri, 04/08/2016 - 19:28 -- Jonaldo

One thing I cannot live without

Some say it's rather lame

But still it's true, please here me out

That thing would be my name


My name is what they call me

It's what I write on tests

Curling up and dipping down

Then fades to bed and rests


I think you'll find it clear

Why I'd choose this simple thing

For without my name, who am I?

I'm a band without its ring


Imagine now, a nameless you

Or me or her or them

How then could we communicate?

A whole people frayed at the hem


No name to raise my hand to

No credit could I gain

A face without its bright blue eyes

Or a head without its brain


A name becomes your cornerstone

The binding of your book

If you don't believe me then

Just go take a second look


Heroes like Chris Kyle

Elvis Presley's rock and roll

Rosa Parks and Beckham too

Never missed a shot on goal


And geniuses like Einstein

Or General Patton in the field

FDR and Henry Ford

Such power did they wield


A face can be depicted

And put up in a frame

But it's hardly worth, a meager look

Unless it has a name


A name leaves a footprint

In this rapid-fire time

It gives us credit and value

It gives our bell that chime


So my name, I suppose

Is the thing I can't let go

For without it I'd be nothing

Just another "Dude" or "Bro"



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I wrote this poem responding to the most recent scholarship, its prompt being; What is something you cannot live without?


I'm about to try to write a poem for the same scholarship as you, but I don't know if I want to now. It can't be as good as yours is!


Thank you! :) Still submit yours though, I want to read it!

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