Pocket Notebook

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 10:58 -- rjwills

Pocket Notebook

Pocket notebook, my butter and bread

A daily essential to write about my head

That will always be used in every moment until I am dead

And if I ever run out of pages I’ll just use my hand instead

I can’t live without one not while my brain is full of inspiration

One day I hope it will be read by many future generations.


Pocket notebook, perfect whenever I feel existential

Or mental

Give me a pencil

So I can make the pages bleed with words

An let my mind flow like a soaring bird

Spilling out my racing thoughts like a runny nose

It’s as if the whole book is one whole prose.


Pocket notebook, so pleasurable,

No imagination is immeasurable

Every time I write I can feel my heart race

Which in this case

I can see the written reflection that is staring at my face

It’s one thing to keep your own thoughts in your brain

But it’s writing in a book that helps keep you sane

When it comes to pocket notebooks, there are no breaks

I just keep it around just for my own sake. 

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