Plugged In

You may think you have me cornered

But I am beyond your borders

You think I like being stalked?

Yes I do admit

I am sick of your shit

The mhment I knew you were coming

Was the moment you left innocent bodies burning


You left your people lost

Grasping for an answer

Who would think that lives are worth that kind of cost

I am skeptical of everything that has been caused

Because you think it's okay to play god

To you this mess is only an experiement gone wrong


All things are paved with good intentions

You are hell bent to deny you are flawed

I know it must hurt to admit

You planned on annihilating us all


Now we see so much clearer

That the veil has been ripped from our heads

As you lie awakein your bed

The real monsters are watching you

While the light is red


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