Plethora of Pencils

Pencils are awesome! 
I find my collection of pencils to be rather intriguing, while others may not understand the meaning.
The way I see it, a pencil can determine a lot about someone. It is basically a miniature reflection of who you are as a person because as you know everyone is not the same.
 Why not just take a peek inside of my pencil case embroided with glitter. I could be writing with my bright red pencil, my I-may-be-short-but-I-have-something-amazing-to-share, the pencil that bestows confidence and forbids my fear. Or maybe I am writing with my fluffy pink pencil that has a plastic crown at the top. That pencil gives me comfort because my sister brought it for me, it reminds me of all the times we shared. Those long laughs about our ludicrous ideas and the pointless arguments that hold our bond together. 
My favorite pencils, however, are my lead pencils that remind me of the rainbow. They are printed with unique doodles and zig-zags cascading down all the way to the white plastic part of the pencil. These pencils represent my creativity, individuality, laughter, and happiness on a hot summer day enjoying the lavishing taste of a bowl of French Vanilla ice-cream.
 Needless to say, but I hate the idea of being bland. I just want to the free-spirit girl that I am, taking the gigantic things in life and conquer them with everything in my being. I mean why not? There is voice inside that essential to be heard, the moment reliving the vibrant childhood in a new perspective, spinning in a circle with your hands above your head; prepared to see the world in a different dimension. For me that moment begins now…
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