Please Survive

Dear Future me,


At the age of 16 I was stabbed in my lung

Where Im from most die by the gun

Laying in the hospital for 2 weeks, I could barely sleep

My life flashes before my eyes as my rem begins to peak

Feeling alone in a room full of friends

Again and Again it replays in my head how my life could’ve end

How could you do this to my when I only want to help others

6 boys and 1 girl I came to far to disappoint my mother

Almost 3 weeks pass and I’m fresh out the hospital and I’m free at last

Returning to the same neighborhood, dam feels like I’m stuck in my past

Everyone telling me be strong but I feel so weak

My mind racing but physically I can’t breath

Everyday im fighting poverty and my peers

I feel like everyone is against me I even have to fight back my tears

A year left til I graduate, College is my only key to escape

Dear God I pray that I hear my calling and its not to late.

If this finds you in time and you made it out.

Continue to survive, we already achieved our biggest obstacle and that was to find a way out.


                                                                  Old Me

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