Please send me.

I want  to go

You're telling me that there's an island lost at sea

Lost with me?

Lost but free. 

Can't live without? Can't do without?

But that's all I want. All I want is to get out.

There's so much noise in a sleepy suburb town 

that walls muffle but tropical trees can drown

Lost at sea.

Lost but see,

I don't think that's losing at all to me.

The fire from words the burn and the rage 

From open mouths that promise 'never again'

Did they promise 'never again' or is it a stage?

An elaborate, a sleepy town, iron box cage.

But on an island alone would it be lonely? Would it be worse?

No because then I could be stripped from this curse, I want to get out

I want to break out of these walls that soak up my tears and as I grit my teeth

Stand with feet in water, sand in hand, under a palm leaf.

What can I do without. What do I want. 

I want to go there.

I need the silence.

I need the escape.

Help me. 

I gotta leave.

Take me there.

To that place at sea.

Where silence is king. Where silence is free.

Where silence is the only thing there to embrace me.

Ocean waves that drown out a sleepy suburb town. 

That drown out their voices.

So I don't have to myself. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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