Please don't shoot me down.

i let my mind disperse, so i can find a verse to hit your vital nerves, i fight the worse with minor herds so how they going to by the first, i'll try your urge im always hype ,so why i need a lighter for, heck this line alone more twisted than peter piper words.. life is but a fighters curse,timeless minds for hiding terms, blind the nerds with blindness, im a lion in a tigers world, brighter than when liars learn desires from a liars blurred , lies insure that your minds views are prisoned in a leap of time, so close your eyes with open hears , just listen as i speak my mind. it seems im fighting more,and man im crying lord, am i killing all the people that's worth dying for? its that feeling you remember ,your forgetting something, lost in thoughts surrender and start peeling your whole mind to nothing, in a sea of wonder , on an island running, you could search all you want but your not just finding one thing, hate love,pain,smug,shame.. so take on change go shake, aim even higher and never cease to stop, until you never see the floor,what could be in store a hidden life that cant be found,well that is where i want to be so please dont shoot me down, its where im the only one that can view this as a frown.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem
keep writing my brother

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