Please Consider Me

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 15:46 -- Laure


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United States
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Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered what does the world have in store for me?

Well that’s the story of my life

Aiming for a chance to succeed in life and not settling for a spot on the corner of a drug store asking “Spare some Change? When I know that this could’ve been prevented; “please sir pity me.

A big exaggeration but that is the mentality of a student that knows what it will look like to fail in life.

Not getting the chance to be something

Like a fresh seed that is starting to sprout and then gets sprayed with herbicide, stopped from having the chance to grow some leaves in this world of opportunities.

I could be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer

But are these choices really mine if my pockets are filled with air

Heck College isn’t free! But the experience and knowledge that one will get has no price

Knowledge that will help and change this dying world

Imagine a world where everyone has cancer, because there wasn’t a graduate to investigate the causes and treatments for cancer

A slow and undeveloped world where a future engineer couldn’t graduate because she didn’t have enough funds

Hey I’m not saying that I have the cure for cancer or I could create technology that makes living easier, but without some money a student is limited



Discouraged from trying

Many students don’t even apply for college because they know how hard it is to obtain the necessary funds to finish it

So they settle for less

A job at McDonalds, or a janitorial service

Is this what we want in the youth of today, to become our toilette cleaners of tomorrow?

Or do we want them to have a better enjoyable life, where they picked their admired major and succeeded in that major, graduated and helped change the world all because of some extra money they were awarded to?


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