Plead for knowledge


Cramming my mind with facts,

Graphs, letter,

Numbers, dates, and

States of affairs.

They craze my mind,

Occupying every space and cranny,

Yelling, screaming and pounding

Begging for my attention,

My dedication.

They rivet into my skill.

The dull throbbing unceasingly

Drums and hums away.

It is the noise I hate.

The nagging, the biting, the screeching

Noise it makes.

I can’t think, it won’t stop.

All I ask for is silence!


All I want is to think,

A moment to reflect,

To organize,

To calm the ideas in my own mind

That have been drowned out by

The roaring noise of the tedious work.

I want to think about life,

About people, and their actions,

Not who killed who for what

And where.

I want to write what I feel,

Know, think and have seen,

Not write pages and pages

Of words that have long

Lost their meaning.

I want to learn,

Not memorize.

I want knowledge

Not textbook facts.

I want to become a person,

And not a test score on your sheet.


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