Playing a Game Against The Dark


Jackie is your name, and in this life you played a game


When you would lose, mentally you got bruised


And light began to not shine through




Darkness prevailed and you wanted to know the truth


Why is darkness coming as a figure chasing you


Then you figured out what darkness means to you




You found out darkness had two meanings


People use it for different reasons


One as described color and one as describing others  


                                                                                                                                                   But Jackie let's look at the true definition


You use the word dark to describe your past begging for materialistic things that you never had


Is this not true?


do you need proof?


Well go look at the mirror


you were trying to cover up your dark scars that are glued to you




So let's go back to your color


You were dark your entire life and you will be forever


So you blamed it on your own mother


At a predominately white school your fellow students who were supposed to be uplifting,


would be your worst enemy and would knock you down


so you could drift off the path while your playing




In elementary school they would single you out and would attack you


They would get encouraged by other students and never got in trouble when they did


In middle school it didn't get better


Throughout your teenage years students got stronger and more bitter


So you fell in the wrong crowd of people because they made you feel bigger


You found yourself doing the wrong thing; smoking weed, stealing this


not looking good for your long college wish list


Did it make you feel any better or did it just make you feel sick?


Now you regret it but when it happened


you never looked back and did it




The  high school round became harder


people began to call you the N-word and they they said you were a mistake


Always playing the games saying that they would end your life today




So you fought setting a bad example for your sister but,


By the time you realized fighting wouldn't accomplish anything


it was too late because you were put in a place that was a disgrace




Now you were wearing orange, sitting on a chair talking to your mother


through a window as she wipes her tears


            You needed to change and when you got out of jail that what you did,


removing your personal blockage




So as you grew older, you went far


Seeing who you had become made your mother proud



then your realized that you wouldn't have to cover your scars because they make you who you are




                                                An individual who have won the game against the dark









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