Play Pretend

Tue, 10/16/2012 - 00:35 -- dokey


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The fear in her eyes penetrate his,
She can see, it does not phase.
Her fear is great and unmeasurable,
his pleasure is sad and full of disgust.
People hide the things he does to her,
because they just dont see the damage.
It seems as if everyone is scared,
nothing can hold him back.
His acts are disgusting and cruel,
it doesnt happen just once.
She doesn't know how to tell anyone,
he says he will blame it on her.
She doesn't understand no one would believe that,
so she stays in silent fear.
Crying herself to sleep each night,
she is haunted with his memories.
When people found out she was punished,
her family upset that she told.
Her life feels empty and lifeless,
with no family to stand behind her.
She looks to her friends but no one.
To seek comfort in anger,
is no way to go.
When that is the last thing you have,
just hold tight and go with it.
Seeing your biggest fear almost every night,
is like reliving the past over and over again.
She fears she needs help,
but if she tells someone that they see her downfall.
There is so much she has already lost,
and cant let that go as well.
Her life is a mess with no family, no friends,
all because her brother had to play pretend.



This speaks almost too true to me. Similar experience gives me a true connection to this poem... the pain the sorrow and everything else that haunts one for years after. It's beautiful and I couldn't have said it better.

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