the places in between us

the places in between us / by erika arbak

i've never heard anyone say,
"this dust and dirt,
this soil on the ground,
is absolutely inspiring"
i've never heard anyone ask,
"does anyone else feel 
incredibly awestruck
by this burnt out highway?"
i've never heard anyone praise
the things that get us 
to the destinations so far ahead
i dreamt of meeting my closest friend
for what seemed like a millenium
until one day, she asked,
"will you come to this burnt out town
and bring me happiness?"
and i did
six hours it took, 
the desert road leaving little to view
but the road continued,
on and on
high heat and little moisture
left the land a waste
but i could not be more grateful
for the places it took me
i brought my best friend her happiness
on six hundred miles of pavement
and i could not be more inspired
by the places in between
the dirt and dust
and the burnt out highway that took me there
This poem is about: 
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