The Place Where I Felt Paradise


2634 Denton Ave
Rosemead Ca, 91770
United States
34° 4' 50.034" N, 118° 4' 22.2456" W

In a deserted place,

Dying at a slow pace,

Looking for someone to embrace,


Met someone who was so kind,

Like water that glistened softly by my side,

She gave me water so I won't dry,


Met someone who was so warm and bright,

Like the sun that shines under the bright blue sky,

She gave me warmth she gave me light,

So I won't be lonely from the dark night sky,


I met someone who has good humor and plays upbeat tunes,

Keeping my spirit up from morning to afternoon,

I sway here and sway there as she plays the tunes,


So many people that can't be described, 

But thanks for always making me smile, 

Like a shining flower living happily in paradise. 

                                                -dedicated to my Best Friends :)

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My community
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