The Place I call Home

Isolated there I stand, observing the very audience I swore to entertain.

They return my gaze constantly watching my every move to see how well I uphold my 

promise. The lights come up and the moment I have prepared for has come as I step 

onto center stage. However, this audience not only attends my performance as observers,

but as amature critics meticulously searching for the most minute details that an astounding

performance should encompass. Yet, as I approach them I feel no apprehension toward their

oncoming criticisms, nor do I feel any fear of the vast numbers in attendance before me. 

Instead I am filled with a exuberant rush, unlike anything I've ever felt before. This 

thrilling exhilaration, this rush of adrenaline that pulsates through my being fuels my performance

and as I get up here, I am invincible. 

My very being disconnects from the outside world because in this moment, the 

stage is he only place that exists in my reality. In this moment, I freely express my passion 

for music at the height of my abilities. In this moment my purpose reveals itself

and my pointless subsistence finally has meaning. I am a performer! Art is in my blood 

and I am at last among the sea of legacy which came before me to motivate and inspire

this passion. I can identify with all of this who have taken the stage before me captivating 

it with their obscure gifts and talents. It is here, that I experience monumental bliss and a 

joy that fills my soul to capacity. On the stage I stand...Isolated...and I'm love with every



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