The "Piper"


If I’d never came to town

In my wagon

Of valves and faucets

Of steaming stacks

And whistling pipes

Pumping out sounds and scents

To entice

Your mice

Maybe this wouldn't have happened



If you'd held up your end of the deal--


I know!

These are difficult times!

Yes, difficult times…

But this machine’s not cheap

It's fuel is a rarity

So this is no charity, dears


...A witch?

You think me a witch?

My friends, I assure you

This is a miracle

A marvel!

But no witchcraft

Just science!

If you'd just let me explain--






Well, suit yourselves…


If you won't pay directly,

I’ll make my own withdrawal

Of equal exchange

One pest for another...


So let's flip a switch

Let's make a change

Turn the smell of cheese

To fresh cake and flowers

The sound of squeaks

To music and laughter

Yes, indeed, I’ll make you pay

But I’ve made the price much steeper

And you’ll beg and plead to make it cheaper

But the sale is over

Your coupon expired

And the only item left in stock

Is my ire


Your children are gone

And perhaps you’re not wrong

To blame me

But my dears!

This is economics!

It's all give-and-take

And dog-eat-dog!

It's not difficult to decipher!

There's a role you have to play

In the free market

And that's to pay your pipers


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