Pint Size Positivity

they are whistling and a silent audience is listening

paper airplane with alphabet passengers

drifting and waiting for drums to capture

I wonder if they care that they're in an airplane chair,

or that I can hear their clever callings

from these creative bathroom stall drawings.

Ill replicate that airplane energy

and then they'd be so pleased with me.

if only I wasn't so afraid to fall

I'd make a sound that stood out and tall.

or animal eye contact when you're running behind

and you slowed down for them just in time

like driving home at the days end

and receiving a soft wave from an old friend

a small conversation, a held open door

little things are what life is for.

-k. w



Little things matter yes and yours is a great sublime poem with the airplane employed for your theme. Thumbs up.

Pls pleez do comment my newest poem too. Such thoughts interaction is warm in this cold world where we need more friends.

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