Watching Instinctively as two moments calide .the moment… didn't stand a chance as if it was just there. It was sad’ washing how in seconds life is then gone for you heard the last breath just left. Been forced to witness not death” that death for him is certain. He knew his soul was crying. His mine thinking millions of units pure thought. perfection in total silence. He never blink not ones, and not once did he look my way. I prayed silently that he wouldn't. But I could not turn way”.just how could I. it felt no different than a angel been born just this one was leaving.”As if nothing else mattered. From were ever it came it came, faster than the word it claims. watching life be born is somewhat vicious compare to the silent and calm for still meaningless death.
Joey Diaz

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Our world
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Joey Diaz new here.. Thank you for beem cool poetic bunch
Looking forward to reading everybody's stuff hope you guys enjoy mine thank you you guys have a wonderful day

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