The pills that lie.

She can't do with her life what she would like to do.

So hears her story for her to me and to you.

She took her pill and did her drills but nothing ever worked.

She thinks there out to get her with there evil little smirks.

The doctors and therapists never truly work.

The pills and the drugs will zombifie her mind.

She wanted her thoughts to stop but not her perception of the fight.

They drugged her up so good it will take some time.

Fifty milligrams of this and thirty of that.

What is this shit call again?

 Oh it's Prozac.

They say the sadness stops but she could see.

The dizziness, the thrills, the chills never let her be.

The voices never stop they told her all lies.

In the end the good was her demise.

She drown the killer bottle with a bottle of jack.

Her heart never woke up and hears the smack.

It was the easiest thing to do because they never knew!

This poem is about: 
My family
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