The Pillars of Love

My mother was a queen.

But my father treated her like a maid.

His morals were sharp like the glass plates that shattered on the ground

He was a patriarch.

My mother was a homemaker,

But, they loved each other.


Now, I want a man,

Who shares three qualities.

He is humble.


And giving.

When he gives me all these, I will give myself to him.

And I won’t care of his looks or his crooked smile,

I won’t make fun of his weight or his insecurities,

I won’t remind him of his past mistakes or his downfalls.


I want him to be my pillar of strength

I want him to be the smile that will make me thankful for life,

I want him to show me his broken hands so I can stitch his pain.

With the needles of my own love,

I want him to show me humanity,

So I can teach him morality.

And when that day comes when I have to say the words—

I love you,

I want it to mean the world to him.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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