Pieces of mind.

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 09:57 -- Astod

I told myself when I write
everything I do will somehow be unique
but I've started 20 poems off this way
and ended them 20 different ways. 
I would throw my sanity out the window
for just some peace of mind
and a mind you wouldn't mind
reading on top of mountains
and in front of millions. 
But my sanity is what is needed most-
so take my hands and tie them to a typewriter
because this is my sanity
and a piece of my mind. 

I have a way with words
and I have grown accustomed
to clinging onto metaphors
and reading way too into your lips
because they tell me things
your mouth does not have the guts to confess.
In my world, words are a blessing and a curse
and I've spent so long biting my tongue
that i'm not sure I even have one left. 
So I apologize if my words are like swords
and pierce your heart like a fatal blow to the chest
But I am trying my best. 

Years have been spent
hiding how I feel
So I promised myself
I wouldn't hide in dark corners
or cover my mouth with regret
I would speak with my truth
in a tone that only genuine ears 
could comprehend. 
So I let the words pour out my lips
unaltered and honest. 
and I'm not sure if that is satisfying,
or my biggest regret.


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