Each of us was drifting through life feeling the rush of time and looking for nothing in particular.

I saw you, but I don't remember when.

I met you, but I don't remember how.

I felt you before I even began, but here we are.

like magnets we were drawn towards each other

I don't know why or remember the events that led to our friendship, but it has done nothing, but blossom.

your eyes fill me with life and your laugh sets my heart on fire.

Neither of us has romantic intention yet our spirits seem to have a sense for it as though we were made to find each other.

Often times I feel as though I have always known you and that in the universe you and I are like two puzzle pieces always destined to fit together.

No matter where I go I feel your presence and when I need you most you seem to know.

Friends may come and friends may go, but our friendship is more than meets the eye.

It seems a mystery to both you and I.

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