A piece of bread and a drink of water


United States
29° 55' 4.5048" N, 95° 29' 17.7648" W

A piece of bread is all I ask
A drink of water is my desire
People see me yet do not stop
To ask if I want a piece of bread
Or a drink of water
When I see them eat
my stomach growls
That pain in me to see them eat
And I that I have no bread
What a desire
I sit and ask and hope one day
That someone will come
with a piece of bread and a drink of water

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Hunger is often an issue that is overlooked by people who simply do not realize that it exists, but it affects many people in the world. Thank you for using your poetry as a way to bring awareness to this issue. By using words like "pain" and "growls" you bring the reader into the world of those who deal with this problem on a daily basis.

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