Pictures Can Break You


Wake up! The sound of your mother yelling your name as you smell the fresh coffee being cooked. So you while you’re getting dressed and doing your making up listening to music you hear beep beep a sound I set on as an alarm for Facebook. So as I reach I’m thinking I never get any beeps until after 2:40pm when schools ending so what's happening today maybe there no school. As I reach to unlock my phone 3-4-5-6 my screen automatically opens to Facebook I see picture of a girl top less but no face I’m think man that must sucks to have a picture like that out there and to notices signature body mark I see which is an tattoo of a girl holding a flower, I say to myself my best friend has that tattooed on her back just like that design, it must be pretty popular.

So I look at the time omg it’s almost 6:50am now I have to run the bus stop or the bus driver will drive past me! So once I arrived to school I go to my locker to get my books and I am waiting for my best friend because we always walk to our Spanish class together because she was the only person I talked to. Everyone else were bullies and or were just too popular to even want to talk to me. As the clock when by I’m saying to myself I have to be to class at 7:30 it was now 7:20 where is she! So I decide to walk to class alone it been a while since I had to and it was funny because she didn't come she was known to have best attendees. Maybe she doing her homework last minute I wouldn't be surprise.
When I sat down I saw my teacher on the phone looking at me I though well I did my homework and I hope my mom not calling me to make sure I took my house key, that would be so embarrassing the one time I can’t joke with me friend about it.

So as the conversation went by my teacher faced change as the look of concern the reason I knew was because it was the look she gave me when I lied and said my homework wasn't done because I thought we had no school because it was going to snow an hour before school and I just knew we were going to cancelled but the sad part was it was May so I kind of expected it. Anyways she called me up to her desk I think gosh I got my key I did my homework and I had the right shoes for my uniform so what is it now. She says your friend is in the office with her mom and little brother I said ok, she said something happen to her this morning I said what happen? My teacher gave me the look of "how do I tell someone something they don't want to ever know" so I looked at her and say just tell me please I been thru so much this can't be too bad and before I knew it she told me someone placed an nude picture of my friend and tag everyone she knew. I saying to myself wait! I did get tag with a picture that look just like her. I yell nooo it can’t be she just looked at me in fear and told me to take this pass and go to the office I ran out so fast I left my pencil down on the desk people always take my pencils after the bell ring not again I know have to ask for a pencil and get my name on the board but at that point I will deal with that later.

As I start to speed walk to the main office my hands started getting wet, my heart beating fast my eyes start to get dry. I’m thinking what do I say? How do I react? its only so much I can do because it not me on Facebook. Before I know it I’m grabbing the door knob to open it as I peak inside I see her crying black eyeliner all on her face on her grey uniform shirt and her mom standing up walking back and forth on the phone rubbing her head and of course her little brother sitting there look at the both of them. As I came inside she ran to me and grab me so tight and cried more saying they did it to me, they all hate me,  I’m just like all those nasty girls and at that point I knew it was no longer in my hands to help Facebook spread it so bad people were adding her as an new friend people starting to like her picture of course they were guys and the most important part they were commenting on her picture with any and every word a person can possible say to hurt someone. Within a few minutes the police came inside and asked her to reopen her Facebook, and it’s was right there in my face people sending her nasty rude messages. And all the police were able to say was based on some of the background info they checked they know that someone created a Facebook just to upload her picture can’t you believe someone would do that. Later in the day I asked my mother to go home with her to comfort her. In which the police arrived at her house hours after explaining the situation I try to not listen but I couldn't I overheard them saying cyberbully which sounds just about right meaning in my own words not being in control of their personal information on a social media with a twist of inappropriate words exchanged. She was the type to never give up and I think it hurtled more because she couldn't delete it and that people kept harassing her so once she heard him say that she ran to her room and I ran after her she shut the door with me inside while saying “I need to leave” I asked her where she said to a new school, home, country, life anything maybe I should leave for good and I yelled don't do that! All my emotions came to my face all the things I wished I could do to all the people that talked about her. To the point I had to run to the bathroom to breath so once I calmed down I came back to her cutting herself I completely lost it how can people that are strangers cause such a wonderful person to do this at all? At that point I hated everyone. I’m losing my friend inside and out to strangers. Do you know what's that like?....

Pretty much cyberbully can cause a person life from emotional abuse to physical abuse even if you’re not the victim you still have to emotional go through the changes especially if its someone you truly care about just because it’s not you doesn't mean other don’t go thru hard stages with the other person to help them to become strong, to help them fight back and to help them make healthy choices when they feel it’s nothing left. Keep an eye out it could have been you.


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