Picture Show

Tight dark curls,
Overly tousled.
Wild eyes,
Bordering insanity.
Exaggerated gestures
Suggestive smirks.
Sweet, sultry, sensual,
Presumptuous and playful.
Bold lips,
Painstakingly painted.
Layers of make-up
Barely beating out
Layers of mystery.
Brash phrases
Vulgar language
Voice dripping with antici-
This confident vixen
Scantily clad
In a forcefully laced
Bodice of black,
Embellished pleather,
And thigh high tights
Aimed for pleasure.
Choker of gawdy pearls
‘Round a delicate neck.
But, such toned arms
Betraying femininity.
He was beautifully strange
And strangely beautiful.

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This was my first poem done for my Beginning Poetry Writing course at UF (CRW1301) the prompt was to describe a person of your choice.

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