Picture of Childhood memories

Heads bite at shapes and shadowsWatching as my brother and IUse curtain rods for swords.We weren't allowed to use wood it could break something other than ourselves The clashing gave way to broken bonesLike words that punchHarder than sticks and stones We never usedWe were a brass family  My heart was velvetSoft and darkBut unmade and ready to be created You were the best seamstress I'veEver met- youTook in the sidesJust an inchThen anotherAnd sewed buttons over my mouthPretty girls don't talk I played nurseMy brother cowboyOut free running away from the isolationOf crowded dinner tablesWhile I healedFixed the broken plates more cracked than wholeWe played monopoly on the drenched floorMom always one I like to scream Like there's something inside meLike there's you inside meAgainI pretend I am whole to breakawayShatter my bones with a high noteNot from pleasureBut a letterI never sent My body is goldPeople stand in Au of my glossy surfaceBite me and see if I'm realA trophy meant for a princessWhat a prize Our dolls are alwaysExtensions of selfPeel my layers and see my fleshPink and warmI'm gilded glory- just skin deep  Don't give me silver linings Give me horseshitAt least I know it's realMy head was always in the clouds Then I was smallJumped from daydream to daydreamMemories turn to nightmaresHorseshit turns to earth 


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