Pick a side

Stomp stomp slam

Screaming and yelling

Why do you put up with this?

Hes mad at you because he spent your money

Foods on me

Rents on me

Two hours later hes perfect

Could never do anything wrong

Now your mad at me

I'm never the perfect one.

No thanks for paying my rent justine

Thanks for buying us food justine

thanks for being there when he tore me down

One day I gather the courage to make you choose

Me or Him

I was always afraid to ask

Afraid of your answer

And i was right

You want him in your life more

I cry. You yell.

And I'm the one that thanks you

Thank you for giving birth to me

Thank you for loving me

Thank you for tearing me down

Thank you for choosing him

Because you were killing me

And now that I'm gone, You cant hurt me anymore

He can't hurt me

But he can hurt you...

I can let you live your choice out.

While I get a new start, without you by my side.


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