A Physicists Findings

I see the certainty of uncertainty 
Dancing for all eternity." 
Thinks the physicist where he lies. 
What miracles of cosmic snake eyes!

So he probes the world for new equations. 
Finding they are wrong on several occasions 
The universe must have rules! 
But first we must find all it's tools.

Here is force that plays this game 
It has four names but is all the same 
Some even believe it's a string. 
Tying us down with the force it brings

This is the quantum illusion. 
Thriving on our confusion. 
Though its impossible to measure, 
It's the universes greatest treasure.

There is that mystical manifestation, 
Revealing itself in views destination. 
So, bless the observer's gaze, 
for that is what creates these days.

"Where is time" he asks! 
Then in this impossible task 
He looks at the universes boarder 
An finds it is all about disorder

So what is left to find? 
What has eluded the greatest mind? 
It's the thing that has evaded all detection: 
A single unified connection.


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