The cars are stopping by to say hello to a homeless being but the stranger has a familiar face,

Maybe is the person you used to see everyday when looking in the mirror,

With slow movements, your heart starts racing again,

You can not recognize yourself...


Today a beautiful bird talked to you by the window,

She was telling you a story about all the places she’s been through,

You were captivated by her long colorful wings,

Her genius mind was like a diamond you can not afford,

All of a sudden, a show of flames and combustion took your friend away, leaving a tray of feathers blowing in the air.


The sun took over the sky and a halo appeared in front of you,

Eyes like sapphires, legs covered in yellow-gold scales with rose-colored talons, body larger than an ostrich,

Her appearance emphasizes your dreams and your aspirations.


But what if the sun and the flames will never touch me?

Maybe when the day will come and the enemies will arrive,

The clouds will take over the sky and you can’t be reborn and saved,

You are alone in the middle of the storm,

What do you do now?

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Our world
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