Phobias Part 2

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 18:33 -- frpass


We covered a few Phobias in part one
But some people even fear the sun
But we will have more fun
Some people fear spiders and snakes
What about broken brakes?
Oh for heaven sakes!

Some people fear ladders
What does it matter?
Some people have all kinds of fears
Lions, Tigers and Bears

And some people fear all kinds of bugs
So don't go sweeping them under the rugs
From Roaches, Ants and Bees
That fear can bring them to their knees

Some people fear rodents
Like Mice, Rats, and Flying Bats
Or how about all kinds of lizards
Beat them up and take out their gizzards

You have to beat up your fears by facing them down
Or all around

And some people even fear clowns
And I don't see why?
They make you happy
Some people even fear being a Pappy

Some people fear enclosed spaces
And how about evil faces
But there you have more fears from me
Just stay tuned for part three!



Part 1 had 2 Ribbons and a Banner Recognized and All Time Best 36 reviews and 88 views! There are so many Phobias you will need more parts to this one!

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