Fri, 11/11/2016 - 12:14 -- mak003

I make my morning commute through the city square

Through a tunnel of dimmed neon lights, familiar images, and colors bare

Strolling down the street today a new taste lingers in the atmosphere

On the corner a top-hatted man waits for me there

“Take my hand and feel the fusion

Give me your heart and I’ll fill it with scrumptious music

Forget your beige days of bland loneliness and destitution

And come with me to find inclusion.”


"You know better than me,

what I want and what I need

Fill my veins with your ubiquity

You have my heart, my cents, and full loyalty."

I ran through the gardens of his dazzling tent

Protected from the old world of cognition and cement

Somewhere in this grandiose dream I must have given consent

To watering a tree in my heart and letting it augment


I grew sick and faint form an overstimulated sensory

Spiraled to the ground, cracked my skull and let it bleed

I caressed the cut and pulled out an apple seed

Immediately I knew I had to get back to the street…


I snuck out, returning to buildings painted with pollution

My headache returned, along with the confusion

As my liver filters out the addictive, juicy spell of delusion

The branches in my heart remain rooted to the grand illusion.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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