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Little boy wakes up screaming.

No mother there, to coddle him back to dreaming.

Little boy sees mother leaving,

thinking it's his fault.

"Why doesn't she love me?" he thinks,

I must be unworthy.

He doesn't know the struggle that mother goes through.

So he thinks he's an outcast, however absurdly.

Every morning, while little boy is sleeping,

mother sneaks out, to keep little boy breathing.

Mother wishes she could be there,

but family needs the money.

Father left, and mother wept,

while little boy was still in mommy's tummy.

Mother works two jobs to scarcely provide.

Barely enough money, to keep little boy alive.

Little boy only knows that mother is leaving,

Not being able to understand the reasoning.

Although he's sad now,

one day he will understand.

When he stands with cap and gown,

he'll know how far mother's love has spanned.

So if one day you think,

"Why am I so unloved?"

Imagine the future,

and the plan from up above.

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My community
My country
Our world


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